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Explore Roots Music Like No Other

Roots music is highly sought after throughout Canada and beyond. It allows people to be one with the music while truly embracing the meaning behind the lyrics. We take an acoustic approach with Wiklund vs Wiklund, which is why so many people come out to our performances.
As a contemporary roots duo, we’re all about being unique. We’re a combination of contemporary rock, folk, blue-eyed soul with a little country twang tossed in in order to create sounds that are very exciting. We may have come from humble, country beginnings but we’re all about having fun, especially since our debut album, “Love Aches” was launched in 2018.
We invite you out to one of our performances so that you can experience some of our infectious energy. You’ll hear original songs that will have you stompin’ your feet and swaying to the music when you come out to see us.
We’re Danno and Melody Wiklund. As a married couple, we feel as though we have something a bit special because of our bond in marriage and music. It allows us to perform & express some light hearted banter with each other on stage which keeps the audiences entertained with not only music but a bit of humor at the same time.


If you love roots music, you’ll love our Canadiana slant to it all. We’ve had some serious fun on the road, with 90 performances in 2019 alone!
We’re the contemporary roots duo that you’ll find yourself humming continuously once you see one of our performances live. Our music is available for download or you can grab yourself a CD or a vinyl when you’re at one of our performances in person.
You’ll soon find out that our catchy and soulful songs have a way of weaving themselves into your life. We’ll be playing in your car and around your home in no time at all!

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