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The Wiklund’s have been active members of a bustling Alberta music scene for many years and showed much initiative in previous band projects: Night At The Chelsea (2007-2012) and The Well Witchers (2012-2016).


The decision to branch out as a duo came with quite a different dynamic.  It was a bit of a learning curve, but it offered a more intimate & personal experience for the couple and their audience.  With support from their friends, family & musical peers, they have been able to focus more on the process of songwriting & performance.  Being a slice of this growing, artistic pie felt like a creative step in the right direction.   



Released in 2021!

ECLIPSE - Released JAN 1st, 2021

lEARN ABOUT LIVIN' - Released FEB 11th, 2021

DEAR JIM - Released MAR 5th, 2021

HORSES - Released MAY 11th, 2021

MOONSHINE - Released APR 8th, 2021

SPLIT - Released JUNE 17th, 2021

DREAMIN' - Released NOVEMBER 25th, 2021

LOVE ACHES - Released Nov 10th, 2018

Finally establishing themselves as a duo act in 2017, the Wiklund's had spent the better part of a year writing and recording their debut, full length album aptly named:

Love Aches.

They successfully launched the effort on November 10th, 2018 to a sold-out Red Deer audience. The album wanders gracefully through such topics as love & loss and begs for answers to many of life's relatable questions and even pokes a little fun at personal and not so personal relationships.


"Love Aches"

Pick up a hard copy at our next live show!  Available in CD's & Vinyl

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“Why does my luck run out - when I’m waking up?”

We’ve all experienced it at some point or another. Getting caught up in the past - the torment of living in rumination. We dream of things that once were and we wish we could fall back asleep and stay within our fantasies.  The latest effort from Wiklund vs Wiklund explores these desires all the while set to a slick 80’s synth pop rock backdrop, ripping guitar licks complete with hot, raspy “Benatar-esque” vocals. 




Sometimes in life we get stuck. Caught up in a moment, we begin to reminisce about our past, our choices and find ourselves stranded at the crossroads.  The latest release by Red Deer duo WIKLUND vs WIKLUND offers up reflective lyrics and island inspired rhythms set against a rock steady beat.  In a world of confusion, finding your own path is the greatest adventure. 



“Do we ever really know, how it feels to be free?” 

The latest single from Red Deer, AB duo Wiklund vs Wiklund was inspired by the frozen horses featured in the film “My Winnipeg”.  After a fire broke out in the stable, the horses, desperate to escape the flames, broke free and rode blindly into the frost-bitten night. Muscular guitar riffs support powerful female blues, rock vocals on this moody track.  Complete with haunting soundscapes, it’s sure to drive an emotional chord. 



A zany little ditty inspired by those fun-filled boozy nights down at your favourite watering hole! With a hooky chorus line, boogie woogie piano, kazoos and slide whistles... this song is sure to bring all that Jazz! So grab yer spats and hold on to yer flapper - let’s party like it’s 1929!



It started out as a funny little ditty about the annoying habits of a pet cat. However, the music created for Dear Jim was so moving, it morphed into a “Dear John” style letter. While trying desperately to move on despite the heartbreak, it’s a final goodbye to an unhealthy relationship. This soulful ballad features heart wrenching vocals accompanied by brooding synth & keys, sprinkled in like teardrops.

P.S. No cats were harmed as a result of this song!



Sometimes we’re country, sometimes soul, sometimes we sing the blues but this time, we rock n roll!! 


Learn About Livin’, the second single to be released in 2021 is an upbeat rocker featuring searing vocals and tasty guitar licks that encourages the listener to get up, dig deep within themselves and move forward with life!  Just give a little more is the message here. Whether it be giving more of yourself, or giving more to others.



“Imagine if an eclipse was actually a door.  A portal to another time, another place or even, another world. What if in that brief phase, you could reach through and connect with your loved ones again?  And they on the other side, could reach in.” 


Eclipse - released Jan 1, 2021 is the first song off of their new collection of material entitled Albedo. It offers a sense of hopeful longing.  Full of soulful vocals, along with acoustic guitar driven soundscapes - this song is sure to give the listener an uplifting, nostalgic vibe that is sure to hit right in the feels.


Their video “Deer Hunter”, which can also be viewed on their YouTube channel, was released in unison with the "Love Aches" album and paints a vivid picture of “small town/country” life and its subsequent community relationships.  The end of 2018 was capped off and highlighted with the couple being nominated & awarded the 2018 Red Deer Entertainment Award for Artist/Group of the year. 


The Cast & Crew...


The Huntin' Party


Hangin' in the cabin



Live Performance of "Wipe Your Feet"
Featuring The Vintage 45's.

Written By D & M Wiklund. Copyright 2018


Filmed on location at The Krossing (Red Deer, AB) during the album release party for Love Aches.




Live Performance of "Rewind"
Written By D & M Wiklund. Copyright 2019


Filmed on location at 57 Music Production House.



Live Performance of "Roadside Construction Girl"
Written By D & M Wiklund. Copyright 2019


Filmed on location at 57 Music Production House.



Live Performance of "Something Good"
Written By D & M Wiklund. Copyright 2018

Video Courtesty of XXY Productions and On The Rocks Filmed in Edmonton, AB June 2019


Live Performance of "Just A Dream"
Written By D & M Wiklund. Copyright 2018

 Filmed in Pincher Creek, AB 

2 Sisters Magik Pantry.

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