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How to Enjoy Incredible Canadiana Music

Canadiana music is unlike anything else you have ever heard. Those who are familiar with rock will be able to spot a Canadian musician from a playlist with ease because of the unique true north sound that is provided.  It's raw, rustic, hungry and powerful - like a grizzly bear coming out of hibernation!
Wiklund vs Wiklund has a colorful past as an acoustic duo –  two country kids who moved to the city to create a life around their love of music.  Over the years we have performed in cover bands, rock bands and country bands before finally stripping everything down into the dynamic duo we are today.  One of the reasons that we have so much fun on stage is because... wait for it... we’re married!  It allows us to poke a bit of fun at each other, and create some amazing music.
Our brand of Canadiana roots rock is available to you in a variety of different ways.  It’s all based on what’s convenient for you, where you’re located, and how often you want to hear our tunes.
Come out to see us perform live. We update our website with all of our shows. While we’re primarily in Canada, we do perform all over North America – and we’d love for you to crawl out of your netflix cave and come out and see us!
You can download our music so that you can experience our soulful songs whenever & wherever you desire. If you see us at one of our live performances, you can also pick up a copy of our debut album "Love Aches" available on CD or vinyl.
Additionally, you can book us as an acoustic duo for any live performance needs that you have. Whether you want to have music that your guests can dance to at a bar or restaurant or you want some incredible soundtracks to your wedding, we’re here for you.
We can’t wait for you to experience our contemporary roots rock. With the release of our debut album, you can hear how we have melodized our music to deliver incredible sounds –  it’s a chance to experience something truly unique that we have become proud of. 


Wiklund vs Wiklund - acoustic tunes with attitude - hear us roar!

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