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Wiklund vs Wiklund - ROCK ROOTS DUO

What to expect from a night with The Wiklunds

There’s nothing more exciting than a rock roots duo, especially one that knows how to make you kick up yer feet and have some fun! Wiklund vs Wiklund is just the pair to make it happen, they love expressing themselves through lyrics and live performances.
They're musical soul mates, and it has allowed them to harmonize in such a way that they have been able to write, play, and record their own original music. They are an award-winning acoustic duo with soulful notes that pour out of them when they perform live.
Wiklund vs Wiklund was created as a result of love, devotion and desire to create music. Danno is the one that weaves the sounds & songs on his guitar while Melody is the one with the powerhouse vocals as well as hand percussion to put a little jingle in your step. The sounds they create are unique, and as a listener, you can tell they truly love what they do.
The couple have been inspired by a number of musical greats, ranging from Waylon Jennings to Amy Winehouse.  Music & artists from the 60s, 70s, and 80s drives them to a level in which they aim to perform. They’ve got killer momentum, and it shows in the various gigs, music conferences and festivals that they have been fortunate enough to perform in throughout the years.
Their sound would be described as contemporary roots rock with elements of folk, blue-eyed soul with a bit of country twang tossed into the mix. Their Canadiana sound is undeniable.  Living in the vast, true north is where they draw the bulk of their inspiration. With songs like "Deer Hunter", they stay true to their roots of growing up in a small town in southern Manitoba.  
The Wiklunds can be found traveling all over North America with one goal - to share their love of music.  They are always ready to perform & enjoy being hired as live entertainment for venus, festivals and special events – and look forward to sharing their music with you a bit more.


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